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Reefer Cargo


Temperature-sensitive cargo like foodstuffs, electronics, chemicals or pharmaceuticals must be shipped in accordance with strict specifications. The combination of cargo temperature requirements and climatic variations makes correct temperature control essential. Refrigerated or temperature-controlled shipping containers, better known as reefer containers, are a necessity for anyone who needs to transport perishable cargo by ocean freight. These containers are specially designed to keep cargo from spoiling. Reefers typically come in the same 20’ and 40’ lengths of standard shipping containers, although 45’ containers are also available. It is important to keep in mind that these containers will hold slightly less cargo than standard containers, as their refrigerator and ventilation systems will take up some space. A reefer cargo ship should have containers available to keep goods at their ideal temperature, whether that’s below freezing or moderately cool. The containers should have ventilation systems to prevent the build-up of heat and carbon dioxide, as well as dehumidification systems to keep the environment from becoming too humid. The ship should also have backup power sources available so that you don’t have to worry about your products losing their market value in the event of a power outage.

Our position as an international professional seafreight provider gives us unmatched access to the world’s temperature-controlled carriers. The flexibility offered by multiple sailings and fast transit times means we can help you respond more quickly to changes in price and demand, and give you that crucial competitive edge.



  • Refrigerated container or reefer is being used for transportation of temperature sensitive cargo such as fresh food and produce, pharmaceutical products.

  • Source from different shipping lines to ensure reefer container equipment availability.

  • Our industry connections also allow us to keep our pricing competitive, so you can cut shipping costs without compromising on quality service.

  • If you are shipping any other temperature-sensitive cargo, Modern Century can help. We are able in moving what others can’t and getting your goods to their final destination in their ideal condition. We hold contracts with all major shipping lines and consolidators, which means we can arrange to transport your goods on a refrigerator ship to just about any destination

  • When facilitating your shipment, we pay attention to important logistical details throughout the transportation process. We’ll make sure the reefer container ship is fully-equipped with reliable power and backup power sources, and that your goods are packed in a way that ensures proper air circulation. We will monitor your reefer shipment throughout the transportation process and keep you up-to-date every step of the way. Enjoy greater peace of mind when you transport your temperature-sensitive goods through Modern Century.

  • Competitive freight rate for import, export and transshipment reefer goods.

  • Cold storage in both port of loading and destination is arrangeable.

  • Container tractor with electricity generator set cater for reefer container during road transport.

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