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Books Logistics

The publishing industry changes on a daily, even hourly, basis, which presents a unique set of challenges for supply chain professionals. Thousands of titles, short shelf life, multiple languages and unexpected peaks in demand are just a few of the issues you have to handle.

Our expertise in publishing and media logistics combined with our rigorous process-driven approach give you reliable cost-effective distribution solutions for live news, books, periodicals, magazines, print inserts, point of sale collateral and other printed  material.

Our shared networks and multi-modal capability, supported by integrated systems, provide you with a reliable and flexible supply chain with real-time web-based tracking and customized management reports. Our service covers publishing and media logistics for the newspaper, book, printing, stationery, paper and packaging industries.


Specialist in handling books freight

Due to the fact that books freight is a dense cargo, we are carrying the professional knowledge in handling including receiving, storing and loading into container. The knowledge to precisely compute how much cargo and how many pallets to be loaded into container in order to fully utilize both the weight allowance and space allowance is crucial.

Palletisation for books either in port of origin or at destination

The exact type of pallet to be used is too much important. To facilitate loading and unloading physical handling according to the requirements of supplier and ultimate consignee, we are preparing the exact type of palletization accordingly. In some case, in order to make savings on sea freight cost, loose cartons will be shipped out from port of origin in order to maximise the container space utilization. Upon cargo arrival at destination, palletization will then be carried out in our warehouse before final delivery.

Precise delivery arrangement of books at destination

Before delivery to ultimate consignee, there is always a procedure to make booking with consignee warehouse. We will make the precise booking accordingly.

Speedy delivery arrangement of books at destination

In case of urgent shipments, we will arrange speedy container clearance and special delivery service to cope with the need.

Special delivery arrangement of books at destination

Special delivery requirements are always being taken care of. Some consignees are situated not in the ground level which requires specific tools for delivery. Some even in residential areas or could not be served during normal office hours

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