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Warehouse & Transport

Our warehousing solutions are always based on our customers' needs and business requirements. We may set up a fully tailored and integrated long term warehousing solution, provide short term buffer storage or act as a cross dock terminal. We provide cost efficient and flexible solutions that adapt to your business needs and keeps your logistics ahead of the competition. Besides warehousing and normal pick & pack activities, we are able to offer various cost efficient value added services, distribution or we can manage your whole supply chain. Our agent network of warehouses, adding up to millions of square meters around the globe, means that we can offer a broad range of services with door to door cargo integrity.


Dedicated warehouse space

Our dedicated warehouse is inside ATL Logistics Centre, It is situated conveniently inside the port area.

More than 60,000sq ft warehouse space with 16 loading and unloading bays available.

24 hours CCTV surveillance recording system is in place.

Pick and pack, storage, distribution, packaging and palletization service are available.

Loading and unloading of containers.


Full container drayage service

If you have a full truck load of goods or equipment, we can provide you with exclusive trucking services through our domestic network. Your shipments will be quickly transported from point A to point B and safely delivered to their required destination.


Trucking service for LCL cargo

If you have less than a full truckload of goods or equipment to ship, we can accommodate you through our domestic trucking network. Your shipments will be safely consolidated with other shipments to reduce your costs and promptly delivered to the desired destination.Cross border truck and container drayage to and from Mainland China.


Comprehensive Pick/Pack, de-stuff / Palletise, Bulk Stack, Storage Service 

Many of our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palletise, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. As a result Modern Century will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also help play a key coordinating role in your distribution network. You get to release your goods when and how you desire.

Our available facilities also allow us to ensure the smooth transition of your cargo through every phase of the transport cycle. This is combined with our outstanding levels of customer service and our tailor-made, flexible solutions.

Even in countries where Modern Century doesn’t have its own warehousing facilities, we are still able to offer unrivalled expert guidance on finding / arranging cargo storage solutions.

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